“Warrior” arrives on 4K looking pretty good. But, it’s pretty rare for me to see a film on 4K that looks bad. The worst I can say is that it barely looks above Blu-ray quality and those discs seems to be few and far between now. This film doesn’t have the kind of cinematography that directly screams Dolby Vision reference material. But, the final fight is what kicks everything into gear. Due to the delay in having a big show-off scene, I knocked some of the score.

Still, I’m loving that Lionsgate is embracing releasing the best discs possible. If you’re an HDR fan, that’s great. Some people like watching their TV with the Tru Motion stuff on. Stick with Dolby Vision for discs like this. The whole idea of home theater is to have a smooth theatrical to home experience. Engage in that!


  • Documentary
  • Gag Reel
  • Featurettes
  • Deleted Scene
  • Enhanced Viewing Mode
  • Commentary


  • 2.40:1 2160p transfer
  • Dolby Atmos

RELEASE DATE: 10/24/17

  • 99%
    Video - 99%
  • 100%
    Audio - 100%
  • 96%
    Supplemental Material - 96%
  • 93%
    Film Score - 93%

The Plot Thus Far

An ex-Marine haunted by a tragic past, Tommy Riordan returns to his hometown of Pittsburgh and enlists his father, a recovered alcoholic and his former coach, to train him for an MMA tournament awarding the biggest purse in the history of the sport. As Tommy blazes a violent path towards the title prize, his brother, Brendan, a former MMA fighter unable to make ends meet as a public school teacher, returns to the amateur ring to provide for his family. Even though years have passed, recriminations and past betrayals keep Brendan bitterly estranged from both Tommy and his father. But when Brendan’s unlikely rise as an underdog sets him on a collision course with Tommy, the two brothers must finally confront the forces that tore them apart, all the while waging the most intense, winner-takes-all battle of their lives.


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