The parents of a girl who was killed by a savage dog are granted the opportunity to spend three days with their deceased daughter.



Patrick and Louise are a happy couple with a daughter named Alice (Connolly). One morning, on her way to school, she stops by her dad’s office (her father is a veterinarian) and is viciously attacked by a dog, killing her. Marriage strained, Patrick and Louise move away — to a town called Wakewood. It’s a nice enough town… Patrick finds work in the veterinary field via Arthur (Spall) and Louise opens her own drugstore in town. You can tell that they are both unhappy, though — it’s the price you pay when you suffer such tragedy, I suppose. Sick of it all, Patrick drives Louise to the station so she can run away on her own, but their car breaks down, so they hoof it to Arthur’s house and stumble upon some strange Pagan ritual. All of this happens within the first 5 minutes of screen time and that’s where the movie begins…

The direction at times was impressive – not trying flashy edits and too many jump scares but preferring to build an uneasy atmosphere. The story itself reads a little like Pet Sematary and Don’t Look Now which it exactly what it is – the feel of the film was also a little like the Wicker Man. A couple lose their daughter after a savage attack by a dog. They move to wake wood and discover the villagers have a secret – they can bring the dead back to life for three days so the families can say goodbye properly. However there are rules to the deal and if broken have consequences!

The Blu-Ray comes with deleted scenes and a trailer. The A/V Quality is all over the charts as you have a lossless audio track weighed down by an overly bright transfer. For a supposedly dark horror film, I could’ve swore I saw a dozen lens flares on an indie horror scale. It’s like somewhat got J.J. Abrams to direct a bad movie in his backyard. Oh well, it’s a rental for the curious.


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