“Victor Crowley” takes place a decade after the massacre in the last film. A voodoo curse has brought Victor Crowley back to start murdering people. This is done by a video on a phone which has amazing streaming capabilities in a rural swamp. Now, what follows is a prolonged sequence that tries to make sense of the new world building that has taken place. Everyone knows where they need to be for this 10th Anniversary of the original massacre (Hatchet I-III). Now, it’s just setting up the kills for the titular character.

Crowley gets slightly more fleshed out, but let’s be honest. He’s just Mike Myers in the late 80s/early 90s phase. Yeah, he’s got a better back story. It’s just that we’re keeping a monster alive just to help tell a story that’s bigger than him. The survivors don’t matter that much, as it feels like we’re waiting for a new trilogy to start. While I enjoyed that in my youth, it just feels like we’re spinning wheels here. My views on Victor Crowley will continue into the Blu-ray review? Why? Well, because I started talking about the movie in two places again. Enjoy the taxonomy issues.


  • Not Rated
  • 1 hr and 33 minutes
  • Dark Sky Films


  • 89%
    Film Score - 89%

The Plot Thus Far

Ten years after the events of the original movie, Victor Crowley is mistakenly resurrected and proceeds to kill once more.

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