“Vazante” side tackles an issue while also addressing feminism. Specifically, Vazante wants to address why Brazil was the last Western nation to abolish slavery. While the lead actor in the film ignores the slaves he owns after his first wife dies, the second wife tries to run a decaying manor with these people in toll. The new wife is significantly younger than her husband, so she’s new to being a ruling class individual. While she tries to befriend these slaves, nobody in proper society knows how to handle what’s going on.

The film tackles everything from dabbling into the forced roles on women to how the Catholic Church facilitated the slave trade. Our lead heroine does her best to try and define what the new social class is going to be in this isolated country home. However, everyone is against her. Most of the older members of the family refuse to learn how to communicate with the slaves, while the others scoff at the lady’s friendship with the slave children.

Everything keeps building until it gets to a point where Western audiences will want a breakthrough. This never quite comes.


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The Plot Thus Far

Brazil 1821. A rich cattle herder finds out that his wife dies in labor. Forced to live in the property with numerous African slaves, he marries his wife’s niece. But he returns to droving, leaving his wife behind alone with the slaves.


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