“Turn of This Century” was an interesting media project that I started watching right around the time my daughter was born. I’m a history buff, so it passed a lot of time while we getting used to the recent life changes and what have you. But, I was able to stream this video to my phone alongside episodes of Bob’s Burgers. I kept watching on a loop until we eventually got out of the Hospital. The imagery kept sticking with me, even though I’m familiar with most of the material presented.

Originally, we had a push to tie this into the home video release of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. But, I felt that was a crass ploy to try and lure people into watching this. Synergy be damned, this material deserves its own approach. While I know that’s a hard sale to those that normally don’t follow photography, I recommend giving it a shot. These are the images that have made up your lives and inform your history. They not be locally relevant, but they paint the world in which you develop.

I appreciate the film was created using famous still photos from LIFE magazine. LIFE has done an excellent job capturing the pivotal moments in international history and working to build a tapestry that embraces us. It took a couple of viewings before it sunk into my brain. The repetition and push for the images starts to make a cycle of what I enjoy. Learning history through casual experience, while seeing its direct impact on others. Call me Uatu, but I love watching history unfold. If that’s your thing, then it’s worth checking out. Honestly, I hope that everyone reading this clicks on the link below and gives it a shot.

The film can be found via streaming and downloading online at



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