When a new airplane that’s equipped with a new computer that can fly the plane on its own, is about to have its first flight. But the son of the owner decides to upload more software, he doesn’t bother to check if there are any viruses with it. And he also invites some potential investors to try it. So the plane appears to be working well but suddenly it veers off course and it can’t be shut down. When the military learns of this and fears what if something happens if it’s over a populated area; decides to shoot it down along with everyone on board. The man who built the computer whose wife is among the passengers thinks if he can get on board he might be able to shut it down and regain control of the plane. So the military using a new plane gets him on board. But what he didn’t know is that both pilots are incapacitated so there’s no one who can fly the plane.


After a terrible plane crash, we meet Charles.  Charles is the son of Richard Devain who owns Devain Industries, which hopes to put airplane crashes a thing of the past by giving us the CD70. It’s a device put into a plane and once the plane reaches cruising altitude, the machine takes over flying completely, even making it’s own decisions when a problem presents itself. As he’s unveiling the project to investors and members of the press, he introduces Samantha, the VP of Research and Development and her husband, Tom, who was the chief programmer of the CD70. This comes from Fred Olen Ray, the director of many other B-movies in the sci-fi genre. So if you are expecting a great film in the normal sense of “great”, you chose the wrong film. But if you like basking in cheesy glory, this is a film for you. A crazy computer that wants to kill all its passengers?

Getting a little too ahead of himself, Charles invites the guests to step aboard a 747 that’s already been equipped with the very 1st CD70. Real pilots are going along as well, so as to not completely make me lose faith in this movie just yet, so that’s good. Once up in the sky, though… Sam notices that Charles fiddled with some of the CD70’s settings by adding some prerecorded messages and circumstances happen that’s beyond their control and well, let’s just say it’s bad cinema at it’s finest.

The DVD comes with no special features. However, the A/V Quality is far better than I expected. That being said, don’t expect this film to blow you away in your home theater. There’s not a lot of film or material here to really warrant repeat viewings. So, just make it a one-time rental.



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