“Turbo Fast” returns for a second season on Netflix today. The first episode I watched played as an extended kid friendly commercial for Netflix. Watching two of the lesser slugs binge watch on a never-ending buffering marathon run of a Gossip Girl analogue got old fast. The characters featured weren’t funny, as the bottle episode placed too much focus on them. Turbo was barely there and I never quite understood the threat. It’s not the worst, but it left me scratching my head. Why go to that place when you’re just starting your second season? I’ve yet to hear a kid name those characters by name or want to watch Turbo in the first place.


The second episode I watched won me over. “The Sting of Justice” features Kevin Conroy poking fun at his 20+ years as the Batman. I could watch the show and get into the world if there were more episodes like this. The voice acting was on point and it played well with the nature of the series. Insects and small mollusks work if we see a sense of ourselves in them. Plus, they take shots at the Grimdark nature of Batman. That’s always worth a chuckle.

My issue with modern animated series remains with this venture into Turbo Town. The first episode I watched felt like the characters were screaming at me. Stuff like that is why my kid only watches PBS and a few selected channels. I’m not a prude towards wide content, I just don’t want it dumbing down my kid. The last thing the world needs is more kids watching screaming creatures yelling and then imitating in real life. There is such a thing as nuance and the show picks up on it at times.


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