TROY’S SPEED ROUND MOVIE REVIEWS: Dead Night, Face of Evil, The Coolest Guy Movie Ever, Five Fingers for Marseilles, Dragon Mountain, The Basement


“Dead Night” is another stellar Barbara Crampton film. However, she’s not really the focus of the movie. The focus of the film remains on the family hanging out in this rural cabin trying to have a moment with their dying relative. The film plays too hard with what’s real or not. I wanted it to be a real supernatural film, but the story kept fighting against it. Eventually, I stopped caring if we were watching a horror movie or the continuing adventures of Ax Mom.


“Face of Evil” brings PTSD and zombies together for the first time. Well, I don’t think PTSD was a big part of Deathdream. The film plays heavily into military themes, but ultimately it’s just another shoot the corpse movie. If that sounds cool, go for it.


“The Coolest Guy Movie Ever” should be the kind of documentary I watch on repeat. But, I guess I’m hitting a wall with The Great Escape. I appreciate film history dives in non-American locations. However, I feel like I’ve either read or seen all of this material before. That being said, this is the kind of film history that I want young people to watch. It matters so much.


“Five Fingers for Marseilles” is a South African western. While that sounds amazing in theory, I could’ve cut 30 minutes out of the film. Pacing is all over the place and it takes forever to get into the story. But, that finale is impeccable. Why was that prologue so damn long? It didn’t take that long to get a feel for this world. Less explanation and more action could’ve taken this movie to the next level.


“Dragon Mountain” is a steampunk movie about dwarves fighting a dragon. The leads are B-actors from bigger pictures and they do their best. Still, the movie feels like a Bioware game that got killed in development. Your nephew will love it, but the older people will pass on it.


“The Basement” is a film that could’ve been play. After all, how much quality stage drama has been written about a psycho holding someone captive? Mischa Barton turns a supporting role, but the focus is really on the Gemini Killer. Nothing new is created, but I enjoyed my time with the film.


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