Director: Robert Lorenz
Writers: Randy Brown
Cast: Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake, John Goodman, Robert Patrick and Matthew Lillard
Studio: Warner Brothers

“Trouble with the Curve” is a baseball movie with older intentions, but sporting the new “Moneyball” model. Baseball is the backdrop, while the focus remains on a family struggle caused by an absentee father. Enter Amy Adams a young yuppie that wants to reconnect with her aging baseball scout father. Clint Eastwood plays the  living wrinkle, as his diminishing eyesight gives the family unite a reason to reconnect. So, they set out on a trip to provide that last big catch that Eastwood needs to retire.

On the trip, we meet Johnny “Flame” played by Justin Timberlake. He’s a former phenom scouted by Gus, who later blew out his arm. Johnny is now working as a scout and hoping for a broadcasting career. Adams and Timberlake have the necessary cuteness to offset the gruffness of Clint. See, everybody learns life lessons and baseball from everybody else. For those wondering, Gus named his daughter after Mickey Mantle.

While I don’t believe that Eastwood could’ve improved upon the film by directing it, there is something to be said about the script. Amy Adams does some fine work here, showing us that she is an up-and-coming female actress that is going under the radar, somewhat like Emily Blunt, and fearlessly plays the role of a woman in desperate need of answers, which her father will not give her. Going back to the script, it keeps creating a never-ending cycle of mediocre melodramatic theatrics.



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