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November 4


Burbank, CA – If the Ramones were the scruffy figureheads of the punk rock movement that took the music world by storm, then Johnny Ramone was the eye of the tornado.  With his thrashing guitarwork, his blitzkrieg of chords, he defined the group’s ragged, unstoppable energy. On November 4 Anchor Bay Entertainment will release on DVD “Too Tough to Die:  A Tribute to Johnny Ramone.” Part documentary, part concert film, it celebrates the man whom Rolling Stone put on its list of the ‘100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time.’   Available for a sedate $19.97, “Too Tough to Die” includes features such as commentaries with Producer/Director Mandy Stein, Johnny Ramone’s wife Linda Cummings Ramone and punk rocker Joe Sib.


In 2004, Johnny Ramone had been in ill-health for some time and was now dying of cancer.  So on September 12, a group of musicians and friends gathered in Los Angeles for a benefit concert to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Ramones’ first performance and to raise money for cancer research.  It was in many ways an historic night, featuring voices which had blazed the path for today’s musicians:  the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Dickies, X, Henry Rollins, Joan Jett, and Thurston Moore.   Mandy Stein’s film is hosted by Rob Zombie and also includes Eddie Vedder, Pete Yorn, Tim Armstrong of Rancid and Nicolas Cage, among many others. 


First airing on the Starz Cinema Channel in September 2007, “Too Tough to Die:  A Tribute to Johnny Ramone” was made by someone who knew the Ramones well.  Mandy Stein’s father signed them to his record label (Sire Records); her mother was their first manager.  Mandy herself came to know Johnny during his final days.  In her words:  “While making the film I only had one thing in mind:  would John think this is cool?  I knew if he approved, I would be making a great film, and I hope I’ve made him proud.”



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