Katt Williams has been hailed by Rolling Stone magazine as “the next Richard Pryor.” He’s won over countless fans with sold out shows across the US, unforgettable TV and movie appearances, and numerous popular comedy CDs and DVDs.  Now Katt Williams’ best material is available in the Katt Box, a 3-CD box set collection of Katt’s top three selling albums; American Hustle, It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’, and The Pimp Chronicles.


1. Katt Takes The Stage
2. Self Esteem
3. Weed
4. Insurgents
5. Haters
6. Kids
7. Drinking With White People
8. Make Up Your Own Dance
9. Hollywood
10. Michael Jackson
11. My House
12. Hello Chicago
13. Biggest Gangstas
14. Orange Chicken
15. Too Many Guns
16. Quiet Haters
17. Raggedy Bitches
18. Work To Do
19. Bitch-Ns
20. Your Star Player
21. Date A President
22. Ritalin And Steroids
23. Poor Little Tink Tink
24. Laugh First
25. Have Your Team Together
26. Franchise Player
27. Scared Of Rope
28. The Vaporizer
29. Finally Got My Motorcycle


Williams onstage is a fireball, cocky, confident, and outrageous. He liberally and unapologetically tosses around the “N-word,” and some of his bits about women might make Andrew Dice Clay squirm. He shoots wild and hits more than he misses. Williams is a commentator and an observer, and his riffs on global, sexual, and personal politics, racial stereotypes, and pop culture figures—Did you know that the late Steve “Crocodile Hunter” Irwin was one of the “biggest gangstas”?—are often fresh and insightful. His delivery is a breathless machine gun, rapid fire and manic. He’s a marvel of timing and nuance.

“The Pimp Chronicles Part I” takes an interesting step back, as we watch Williams take his game from the club to the big-time. He explains his pimp lifestyle while contrasting it with the interesting scenarios he sets up. Is he a fake? Is he pulling an urbane Andy Kaufman routine on the hoodrats at his shows? You never know, but he slips in and out of delivery better than even Ricky Gervais.

Katt Williams’ final CD is called It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’.  Williams, a gifted intellect who won a full science scholarship at age 12, is nobody’s cliche. To Mr. Williams, the word “pimp,” put into practice, means a man who has no boss and lives life his way. He may have a diamond watch and matching pinky ring; a walking stick and a velvet coat; but those surface trappings do not confine or define him any more than Groucho Marx’s greasepaint mustache or Harpo’s wig did for them. It’s entertainment, born of truth but not the sum total of a human being.


Final Score:  97% – A


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