Music has always had an important place in many TV shows and the new season of the A&E hit drama The Cleaner is no exception.  Inspired by the true story of real life “extreme interventionist” Warren Boyd, who also co-executive produces the series, The Cleaner stars Bratt as William Banks, a recovering addict who must balance his unwavering dedication to helping others get clean with an increasingly rocky personal life and the ghosts of his addictions. Banks and his teammates Akani Cuesta (Grace Park) and Arnie Swenton (Esteban Powell) employ an unconventional – and often by any means necessary – approach to getting addicts and those who surround them to realize they’ve reached rock-bottom and help them begin the process of recovery.


Music is pivotal in setting the gritty, emotional and edgy tone of each of episode.  Over the course of two seasons, the series has featured music from Sharon Little who performs the theme song “Follow That Sound”, Damien Rice, Band of Horses, Black Mountain, Gavin DeGraw, Gary Jules, Lisa Gerrad , Buddy and Julie Miller and Sam Champion just to name a few. Because fans of the series were inquiring so frequently about the music featured, A&E created a music section on The Cleaner website to provide access to music


The July 28th episode will feature a stunning cover of the Leonard Cohen song “Hallelujah” by Will Dailey as well as tracks from Ben Lee, The Daylights, Pepper, Octoberman and Abotage Soundsystem.  In this episode a cop (Tom Bower) hires William (Benjamin Bratt) to clean up his estranged son (Jamie McShane) who is also on the police force so that he can pass his drug test. William must find the best way to grab an addict who is armed and might take issue with his unconventional methods. Meanwhile, Akani (Grace Park) brings in a homeless woman named Sunshine (Lori Petty) and searches for a recovery home that can offer shelter to Sunshine and her dog. Swenton (Esteban Powell) meets an alcoholic father (Paul Schulze) and his 10-year-old daughter (Madeline Carroll) on the bus and decides he needs to help get the father into treatment. Also stars Ingrid Rogers.

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