What happens in Vegas airs on TV in this week’s episode of “Bad Girls Club,” premiering Tuesday, February 3 at 10PM ET/PT, as the ladies descend on the city of sin for a raucous weekend of revelry.

With too many girls for one car, Sarah, Tiffany, Whitney, and Ailea, the “fab four” drive together, while the Ambers and Ashley, the “triplets,” take another car—further demarcating the divide between the two camps in the house.

After the girls settle into their room, they head out to see a male strip show called “The Thunder from Down Under.” Ashley and Amber B. are both singled out by the performers and are called up on stage for their own personal, but not-so-private, lap dances. After the show, a few of the strippers invite the ladies out for a drink where Ashley cozies up to one guy in particular. But when Amber B. moves in on him, the girls have words and Ashley starts questioning her allegiance to the Ambers.

Later, when the ladies are invited to do an opening dance performance for the “Fantasy Girls” show, they jump at the chance. Despite an extensive rehearsal with famed choreographer Chris Judd and the fact that two of the bad girls shed their tops, the performance falls flat and several of the ladies blame Amber B.’s lack of coordination.

Before heading back to Los Angels, the clarion call of Las Vegas wedding bells starts to ring and two of the ladies head for the altar—to marry each other.

Fans who can’t get enough of their favorite bad girls will find exclusive photo galleries and personal pictures on The website also features the bad girls’ personal blogs, where the ladies dish about what really happened and what never made it to air; exclusive episode outtakes; and a photo captioning contest, allowing fans to submit creative captions for new “Bad Girls” photos each week. Viewers can also weigh in with their thoughts about the show and the girls by participating in a weekly mobile poll from their cell phones or mobile devices.

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