Director: Sean Anders
Writers: David Caspe
Cast: Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Will Forte, Leighton Meester, Tony Orlando, Nick Swardson and James Caan
Studio: Columbia Pictures

“That’s My Boy” inhabits a world that’s cruel to almost everyone involved. The males are incompetent caricatures, motivated by ego and greed, the women are no better than the size of their breasts and buttocks, shown in a misogynistic light almost saying that women exist to either show off parts of their body or to be ditzy, foul-mouthed bimbos, and every middle-age side character is shown as an amoral horn-dog, both men and women alike.

The thrust of the flick involves a teacher and young Sandler getting it on. They screw around until they eventually get caught having sex in the school assembly room while a full assembly is in progress. The affair resulted in the teacher’s pregnancy, which in turn resulted in a thirty-year prison sentence for her. As for the teen, he was required to become a single parent to his child, a son he named Han Solo, until his eighteenth birthday.

Surely, there must be something good to this movie I can report on. Perhaps the biggest strength of the movie is the soundtrack. Throughout the film there were some fitting tunes that had me tapping my toes, especially the two eighty hits that were very catchy for me. When the audience isn’t being blasted with music, there are some rather heartfelt moments between father and son. Although cliché, these reuniting scenes pulled at my heartstrings and helped bring back memories of times with my dad. The last thing I can say was a positive was the camera work was pretty well done. While this may not be what you are looking for in a movie, the camera team did a nice job picking the right angle to make the limited humor as funny as it could be.

While the film is a bit cruder than most of Sandler’s usual fare it is, for the most part, good-natured and lighthearted. Obviously nobody is expected to take the film seriously. Samberg does a good job playing the restrained uptight Todd, and in the scenes where he lets loose, shows solid working chemistry with Sandler.

RELEASE DATE: 06/15/2012


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