Director: Olivier Megaton
Writers: Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen
Cast: Liam Neeson, Famke Janssen, Maggie Grace, Forrest Whittaker, Dougray Scott
Studio: 20th Century Fox

“Taken 3″ focuses on Bryan Mills’ quest to clear his name following the murder of his ex-wife. It turns out that Russians and the Man Who Could’ve Been Wolverine are behind it. They have some waterboarding, mild torture and old man scowling to pad the running time. Then, we are allow to leave the auditorium for the pleasant cold of the real world. FOX banks the cash and the world is a little dumber for the effort. Welcome to January, people.

Luckily, this appears to be the last installment in the series. What I find weird is for setting up a trilogy, the ties back to the original films were tenuous at best. Will the Mills family ever stop being taken? What happens when our lead character runs out of skills? Does anyone that has followed these films this long care anymore? I know that this series started the Angry Day Cinema trend, but did that group ever stick with these movies? I know they keep Liam Neeson in business, but it’s not like these same people followed him over to “The Grey”. What I did find incredibly interesting about this film is how toned the violence was when Bryan Mills became the focus.

While I can’t pin an exact cause for the taming of the series, I do have to marvel at how it ran out of steam. The group of dad friends remains the same, the daughter remains devoted to Bryan and everyone feels like they owe him something. However, the third film doesn’t have a reason to exist outside of Famke Janssen buying the farm. It’s like the movie started as another film and then the Taken care stuffed it like a bloated veal into their world. But, none of this matters. The majority of readers just wanted to know that it came out.


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