Late one night, a mysterious car is brought into the Chicago police impound garage after a deadly traffic accident. The on-call mechanics soon discover the car has a mind of its own. With hundreds of horsepower and two tons of reinforced steel at its command, it’s a seemingly unstoppable killing machine capable of outrunning — and outwitting — humans.



When a mysterious car rolls onto the premises at a police impound garage in Chicago, the unsuspecting mechanics — who are used to seeing some pretty hot wheels — come face-to-face with a killer specimen. It’s like “The Ambulance” meets “Christine” with a dash of terrible movie idea. Don’t even try to follow the plot or you’ll stumble into more plot holes than a crackhead’s alibi. But, I digress. I’m sorry, but I had nowhere to go from there. I was just trying to break your attention from my unrelenting bashing of the film.

In the ” evil car” sub-genre there aren’t that many least not besides the fore-mentioned titles that I can remember and this is a worthy addition. The movie deals of course with a car that eats people, the way it lures them into its interior is reasonably self explanatory after watching the trailer and reading the synopsis..but it works. The car is sufficiently menacing and if you you buy into the idea that it lurks an underground parking garage / impound yard. The movie could’ve been a lot better if the makers decided to crush some nice sports car like the red one in the beginning, but, due to its being low-budget, all the cars are old and uninteresting. Wouldn’t the creature be able to chase his food if it was a fast Ferrari? The design of the creature was awful.

The Blu-Ray comes with a behind-the-scenes featurette. The A/V Quality is a decent mix that provides ample range for its uncompressed Dolby TrueHD 5.1 soundtrack. However, the 1080p transfer is a mix bag as the dark hues of night scenes became a muddy mess about fifteen minutes into the film. Couple that with the fact that the movie sucks and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Avoid it in HD, really avoid it in standard definition. This movie is garbage.

RELEASE DATE: 08/23/2011


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