Director: Steven Quale
Writer: John Swetnam
Cast: Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Matt Walsh, Jon Reep, Jeremy Sumpter
Studio: Warner Brothers

“Into the Storm” is more of an FX reel than a narrative film. That being said, I appreciated director Steven Quale’s work on “Final Destination 5”. That being said, I don’t get why the found footage by way of documentary filter came into being. I guess they thought it would lean intimacy into an event that so few get to see outside of the cinema. That being said, I appreciate it in that later Irwin Allen appeal. You know what I’m talking about! That period when it was doing schlock like “The Swarm” rather than his bigger pictures.

Films about tornadoes often feel the need to turn into nature porn, while throwing the Midwest and Southern residents often depicted into stereotypical cliches. The cliches get downplayed, but the character broad strokes are still there for outsiders to adore. There are factory workers, hillbilly workers and a few well-meaning people that just want to take care of their kin in the face of killer weather formations. The lady who died on “The Walking Dead” plays a storm chasing meteorologist, so there’s something for fans of that. Also, Jon Reep shows up. I do know that there are some Reep fans on the site.

What you can take away from the film is that weather killing people is still a theatrical draw. While I don’t expect the movie to blow up at the box office, it’ll make enough money to guarantee that we get that CG Killer Typhoon movie that we all deserve. Plus, this one won’t have Naomi Watts getting a total WTF Oscar nomination for a rather terrible movie. I do want to stage a mini-bet here. Come back and comment by next Friday, tell me if you remember one scene out of the movie that isn’t the gas station blowing up, catching fire and then getting sucked up into the tornado. If you can, I’ll let you call the shots on the site’s content for a day. We’ll do whatever you command. If you want the site to cover nothing but Cowboys Football, we’ll do it. If you want us to become a Small Wonder fan site for the day, we’ll do it. You have your orders.

RELEASE DATE: 08/08/2014


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