Born Yannique Barker, Stack$ spent his early years in D.C. and Maryland. His story is a sure sign of hip-hop’s ever-expanding appeal from its inner city roots. Stack$ earned his name from a Miami rapper, Brisco, referring to his ill songwriting skills and multi-dimensional personality. He has plenty to talk about using elaborate rhyme schemes with a new kind of story —a young entrepreneur and film director immersed in hip hop, creating and finding his own way. The music business is in his blood – his father managed Sly & the Family Stone, along with Peaches and Herb. He also co-produced “Midnight Train To Georgia” with his partner, Tony Camillo, before he founded and built a successful, global aerospace company, and then later moved the family to Miami. Hip-hop’s far-reaching tentacles had already snagged Stack$, giving him the confidence to go after his dream. He submerged himself in studying the masters — Rakim, Biggie and 2Pac — crafting lyrics in the tradition of the great storytellers. “I rep 305 and Dade County,” Stack$ says. “A lot of people think I only hang out in South Beach. I rep South Beach and hang out in the hood, at the same time. I spit about partying, sex, true life experiences, and the trials and tribulations of trying to gain acceptance in an industry refusing to change. I rap about the sublime and the ridiculous … from humorous incidents that go down in the hood to the injustices and disparities that occur every day in society.”



“CraZee And ConfuZed,” the debut album by Stack$, is dropping on September 30th and features appearances from Lil Wayne, Fat Joe, Twista, Swizz Beatz and Beenie Man.


“Music is in my soul and shocking the game is my goal. I live and breathe hip-hop each and every day. My game plan is to redefine and expand Rap as an art form,” says the 22-year old rapper.



  • 1. Intro
  • 2. Money Ovr Here – (featuring Lil Wayne)
  • 3. Whatcha Lookin’ At? – (featuring Swizz Beats)
  • 4. That’s the Way – (featuring Fat Joe/Trina)
  • 5. I’m Addicted
  • 6. Git It, Git It – (featuring Twista)
  • 7. Crazee & Confuzed
  • 8. Bulletproof – (featuring Beenie Man)
  • 9. Move Over – (featuring Phyllisia)
  • 10. In My Zone – (featuring Lejit/Urban Mystic)
  • 11. Flyin’ High – (featuring Jah Cure)
  • 12. I’m Ripped
  • 13. This, Then That
  • 14. Let Me Be the One
  • 15. Thank You…


The CD is all over the place. I’m familiar with Stack$ musical roots due to all the press I’ve been reading. It’s just that the entire album suffers from what so much of the modern rap community recycles. It’s the same beats, same riffs and the same guest stars. Stacks doesn’t do a whole lot to differentiate himself from the endless masses of faceless rappers out there. 
But, the shit is catchy. I don’t want to go so far as to call it Pop Rap, but Stack$ is onto something. Taking the modern cliches of the rap stage and bending them into something isn’t new. But, I have a feeling that Stack$ is onto something. Therefore, I’ll give him another album before I write him off. 



  • Final Score: 87% –B

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