SQUATTERS Available on DVD and Digital May 13



Wealth and glamour clash with youth and poverty in SQUATTERS, a gripping crime thriller debuting on DVD and Digital on May 13 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The cast is a stellar blend of both accomplished and rising young actors, starring Gabriella Wilde (Endless Summer), Thomas Dekker (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Luke Grimes (TV’s “True Blood”), and Academy Award® winner Richard Dreyfuss (1978, Best Actor, The Goodbye Girl).

“All of our young lead actors delivered some amazing performances,” lauded Director Martin Weisz (The Hills Have Eyes II). “To have such an icon like Richard in our film was simply unforgettable.” Set in picturesque Pacific Palisades in Southern California, SQUATTERSis a multi-level story with tension and suspense at every twist.


For two young drifters Jonas (Thomas Dekker, TV’s “The Secret Circle”) and Kelly (Gabriella Wilde, Endless Summer), their dream comes true when they illegally take residence in an upscale home of a vacationing family. But things start to spiral out of control when the rightful owners, Michael Silverman (Luke Grimes) and his father (Richard Dreyfuss), unexpectedly return from overseas. Now Jonas and Kelly are trapped by their own deceptions, leading to a violent, inevitable confrontation between two very different worlds.

SQUATTERS was directed and produced by Martin Weisz and written by Justin Shilton. It was produced by Cordula Weisz (Grimm Love), Todd Moyer (George and the Dragon) and Julius R. Nasso (Narc), with Sam Childs as co-producer (TV’s “Teen Wolf”). Executive producer is Frankie Nasso, with Jeffrey P. Kranzdorf (The Courier) and David Belafonte as co-executive producers.

The film is not yet rated and has a run time of 106 minutes.


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