Spike TV Launches Search For the Ultimate Spike Girl

Vote for your favorite Spike Girl:


There are millions of beautiful women in the world, but it takes a special kind of woman to be a Spike Girl. Being gorgeous isn’t enough. These special ladies have to love what Spike fans love: Games, gadgets, sports, music, movies–if they’re not interested then neither is Spike TV. So Spike started the exhaustive search for the perfect 10.


Spike hand-picked 50 contestants through an extensive nation wide search, and let you, the Spike fan, vote for your favorites on Spike.com. View the Spike Girls pictorials, videos of them making their case for the crown, and much more. Then the final 10 will compete in a television special on Spike TV called “The Ultimate Spike Girl Finale” to determine the winner. The lucky girl that comes out on top will be awarded a Spike.com talent contract to represent Spike.com at events around the globe. Tune into Spike.com August 17th and make sure that your voice is heard!


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