South Park Season 12 – Blu-ray – March 12th 2009

All fourteen uncensored episodes from South Park’s twelfth season are now available in this exclusive three-disc set. In this collection, South Park follows the new President-elect from his acceptance speech to his first official day of duty as Commander in Chief. The boys keep busy helping a pop-princess who’s down on her luck, negotiating a truce for striking Canadians, and preventing giant rodents from destroying the world. For them, it’s all part of growing up in South Park.

Comedy Central and Paramount Home Entertainment have announced that South Park – The Complete 12th Season will be released on March 10th, as a 3-disc DVD set. On the same day, the studios will also make this title available as a 3-disc Blu-ray package, marking the first time this program has been made available on high definition home video. Running time is 308 minutes for 14 animated episodes, provided uncensored as compared to their original broadcast versions.

Video format is confirmed to be in Full Screen for both DVD and Blu-ray, although the video resolution on the Blu version will be 1080p high definition. Audio information was listed, too, and it shows that the DVD release will be English-language with sound format as “Dolby Digital, Stereo”. The Blu-ray release of this title will have the same format as a secondary option, but will primarily provide sound in 5.1 Dolby TrueHD. Both come with English subtitles.

Pricing and package art isn’t available yet either, but the studios did include a list of Featurettes that will be found on the extras for both the DVD and Blu-ray editions of South Park – The Complete 12th Season:

* Six Days to South Park – A Day-by-Day Making of South Park (Super Fun Time)
* Six Days to South Park — The Sixth Day (About Last Night)
* The Making of “Major Boobage”

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