Songs Omitted from Film Soundtracks Find New Life on iTunes

Composer/songwriter Robert Anthony Navarro’s original song “Clown Posse” is featured in the 2009 action film Fast & Furious but was not on the spring 2009 soundtrack. His track has since garnered tens of thousands of YouTube hits and now, by popular demand is available exclusively on iTunes. The song is still not officially on the soundtrack but due to the advent of downloading, consumers can experience music heard in films. Robert Navarro explains “through social networking sites like Youtube, I have been able to reach an audience and interact with a new fan base outside of film, TV, or videogames; just a few years ago this wouldn’t have been possible”



This year, Navarro’s music is featured on a top selling video game, blockbuster movies, and the Super Bowl’s most popular commercial spot. He has written over 1500 tracks for projects and the APM Music library (subsidiary of EMI and UMG). As a songwriter, Robert Anthony Navarro has collaborated on pop songs with legendary Academy Award winning lyricist Hal David. He recently co-wrote music for the thriller “For Sale By Owner” starring Kris Kristopherson. Navarro also scored the documentary “The Recess Ends,” with Takeshi Furukawa. In addition to composing in all mediums, Navarro collaborates as a singer and voiceover talent on the popular Bioware videogame “Dragon Age: Origins.”



Navarro has reinvented the recording artist by circumventing the traditional record label. He celebrates alternative, punk and metal music for “Big Fish,” an audio loop project he produced with mixing engineer Jim T. Hill (Mad Men, The Sixth Sense) and Gary Ferguson (drummer for Stevie Nicks and Gary Moore). The audio clips are available to create unique loop compositions.



Robert Anthony Navarro was born in New York to a Latin entertainer and a Playboy Bunny, and he is the Godson of Latin music legend Tito Puente. Navarro studied both rock and classical guitar and later attended Cal State Northridge to study Music Theory. He eventually began singing on various CD projects, as well as producing, recording and composing CDs.


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