Kate and her brother Joel have gathered their five best friends for a scenic RV road trip to their high-school reunion. But their cross-country adventure is about to take an unexpected turn for the worse when an ancient curse takes wing by way of a massive creature. It’s called the Simuroc, and this gigantic bird of prey has found the perfect, helpless quarry in Kate and company. Stranded in the backwoods of the predator s territory, there s little chance for escape.



Unlucky critters aren’t the only things dead on the pavement in this tense thriller, in which a gypsy’s curse unleashes a gigantic, carnivorous bird on a group of unsuspecting Americans tooling through the remote Irish landscape in their RV. This is just a solidly made Grade-B creature feature. The filmmakers obviously took the time to make a quality product and this is seen in numerous scenes.

Basically, you’ve seen it all before. A typical pack of youthful character types is taking an RV sojourn across Ireland. Of course, they happen upon a band of Gypsies hiding a dangerous secret about an ancient curse. The gypsies are the equivalent of any backwoods psychos that you might see in any horror film. Cackling maniacally while being aggressively suggestive, the kids become defiant which leads to irreparable tragedy. Stephen Rea shows up and gives the film a little clout, then it precedes to shit the bed.

The DVD comes with no special features. The fair to middlin’ A/V Quality only compounds this, as you’re left with no reason not to pass up the disc and just catch the show on SyFy. That’s not to lambast the Dolby 5.1 track. It was decent surround mix for a TV-movie, but it failed to support the creature feature elements of the show. In the end, I’d recommend watching it on SyFy before a casual rental.

RELEASE DATE: 08/16/2011


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