‘Religions Of Man’: Facts, Fibs, Fears and Fables

Religion has long been the cause of many wars in countries around the world. In his new book, “Religions Of Man” (published by AuthorHouse), author Doug Greer examines myriad world religions, offering in-depth explorations of their belief systems, history and followers.

In January 1999, Doug’s pancreas burst. Normally a fatal malady, somehow he survived. As he recuperated he found himself wondering why he was one of the very few to live to tell the tale of recovery after a burst pancreas. He also wondered about the religions of the world and how they all fit into the grander scheme of things.

Greer’s wonderment quickly blossomed into outright curiosity, turning into research that developed into an obsession he could not contain. There were so many different faiths, beliefs, customs and people who all wanted the same thing: a “God” that was invincible and existed without question. Greer wrote “Religions Of Man” once he found his obsession so intriguing.

As it chronicles world religions in alphabetical order, “Religions Of Man” offers a wealth of information. The reader will discover information such as:


A growing religion in Canada and the United States, unassociated with any other faith. Based on legends of old Norse Gods and Goddesses.

Discover the origins of religion in “Religions Of Man.”

About the Author

Doug Greer was born in Ottawa, Canada, in 1921. His family moved to California in 1924, and settled in Glendale. In 1929, he became a member of the Screen Actor Guild. He worked in many of the “Our Gang” comedies with Jackie Cooper. After working in the industry for 12 years, Greer decided school was more important and his career was interfering with his education.

When WWII began he volunteered and joined the “Ski Troops” in 1943. Just before his unit was to go overseas he was transferred to inactive duty, so he went back to Lockheed for a specific job. When this job was completed in June of 1944, he was reactivated and sent to be with the 1267th Combat Engineers. When the war in Germany was over he was sent to the South Pacific, where he contracted malaria and was honorably discharged in 1946. He now resides in Scotts Valley, Calif.


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