Real-Life Bruce Wayne Shares His Batmobile and Batcave



Bruce Wayne is alive and well in Phoenix, Ariz., and is fighting to help children with special needs. Charles Keller, with the aid of his children, has taken his love for Batman to the next level. This real-life caped crusader is sharing his 1960s-style Batcave and Batmobile to raise spirits and make dreams come true. Real-life superheroes are making a difference in the lives of citizens all over the world.

Finding the Batmobile

It started with a simple idea: “I need a Batmobile.” Then Bam! Keller and his sidekicks set out to recreate the world of Batman. The Batmobile used in the 1960s Batman TV series was a customized 1955 Lincoln Futura. Five of these vehicles were made during TV production. Keller looked for a used car and ultimately found his Batmobile through Craigslist. It’s now fully decked out with gadgets, loud lights and Batman regalia. The Batmobile’s sleek black coloring and bright trim are true to the TV series. This was the first step in bringing Bruce Wayne and Batman to life.

Batmobile from 2003 Car Exhibition

Photo of 1960s Batmobile by Jennifer Graylock via Wikimedia Commons

Designing the 1960s Batcave

Next, Keller and his children focused their efforts on creating the Batcave. He took screen shots from the original TV series and used them as inspiration. Keller used repurposed electronics he found in junk shops and on eBay to create Batman’s gadgets, according to Trademark items like Batpoles and a Shakespeare bust were essential. Everything in the lair is designed to replicate the classic look and feel of Batman. For fans of the dark knight, this is the ultimate experience. Children from Keller’s community marvel at the realistic design.

Inspiring Children

Keller invites children and their families to the Batcave for an evening of fun and discovery. Kids can slide down the Batpoles or ride alongside their parents in the Batmobile. It is a magical experience for Keller, local charities and children with special needs. Keller’s Wayne Foundation gives back to local charities in the name of children, according to These kids are allowed to select a charity of their choice, and the Wayne Foundation donates a thousand dollars to the cause. It is a process that is rewarding for all parties involved.

Batman has sparked the imagination of children and adults the world over. Thanks to Keller and his family, Batman’s found new wings and new life in Phoenix as his legacy lives on to help those in need. This is just one of the ways in which superheroes help those in need. What more could a superhero hope for?


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