Voted one of Variety’s: 10 Comics to Watch, in 2008, Ralphie May is a comedic force capable of making you laugh your balls off — yes, even you ladies. As lovable as he is outrageous, this veteran comedy juggernaut and star of TV’s: Last Comic Standing, keeps his sold-out audience at the histroric Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas, in a continuous uproar with his supercharged, politically incorrect stand-up. Capture Ralphie’s: Austin-Tatious, genius here, available now on CD!


1. Under Construction
2. DIA
3. Wu Ping Cough
4. Baggage Claim
5. Benefits of a Mixed Crowd
6. West Palm Beach
7. Blank Americans
8. White People Gone Crazy
9. Cuban Coffee
10. Moisturizing
11. White Trash
12. Japanese Billionaire
13. Coming Back to Texas



Recorded in front of a sold-out crowd in Austin’s historic Paramount Theatre, Austin-Tatious is no giant departure for standup comedian and “equally opportunity offender” Ralphie May. His own weight and food are still hot topics, but as usual, most of the material is based on racial stereotypes and race relations. May gets around any racist allegations by lampooning the whole color spectrum while also pointing the finger right back at himself as often as possible, explaining its been a tough year for “white trash” thanks to Britney Spears’ meltdown coupled with the passing of Anna Nicole Smith. “Wu Ping Cough” is every Chinese stereotype wrapped into a tight routine but if you want epic, “‘Blank’ Americans” is May’s biggest bit yet, clocking in at nearly 16 minutes and remaining funny the whole way through.

The CD is a quick blast outside of the Blank Americans bit. You can easily burn through the CD at about an hour’s time. What sucks is that it’s so quick and rapid fire, you forget most of the material. Therefore, it’s going to sit in your CD player or MP3 what have you for some time.

It’s meant for several re-listenings and I hope that you take the time to enjoy Ralphie May. He’s a larger comedian with a new voice that demands to be heard. I recommend the CD and its companion DVD for a purchase. 


Final Score: 94% –A


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