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Los Angeles, CA (April 3, 2017.)

With sadness, I have just heard the news that my friend and filmmaker Radley Metzger died this last Friday. I remember when he called me 2 weeks ago, he was in a very good mood –Radley told me he had just finished up the bonus features for “Therese & Isabelle” and “Carmen, Baby”, which he wanted us to release next. We also discussed the Cult Epics book signing of 10 directors for our Indiegogo Campaign, and said he would do anything that would help. Sadly, he will not be part of that. I remember 10 years ago when Anna Biller introduced me to the work of Radley Metzger, as his films were not available in Europe, I had never heard of him. After watching the box sets First Run released, I was amazed by the work; the stories, the cinematography and style. The only issue was that the transfer of the films onto DVD looked terrible, so I decided to give him a call. We had a chat and I asked him if the rights were available to re-issue some of these masterpieces of erotic cinema, and he gladly said, ‘Yes.’ We met shortly after, and connected on several levels – it was strange, as it was like meeting an old friend again. Since then we collaborated, and restored, re-issued some his better-known films: “Score”, The Lickerish Quartet” and “Camille 2000” in definitive editions. During the years he visited and stayed with me in Los Angeles at several occasions, we even worked on a new film project, which never saw the day of light. Radley surely be missed, he was such a gentlemen, with a great sense of humor – now his work will live on forever.


Nico B, friend and film distributor




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