ANNOUNCEMENTSRADAR-Season 2 premieres today on

RADAR-Season 2 premieres today on SEASON II PREMIERES TODAY, OCTOBER 28, 2009 ON BABELGUM Weekly Three-Minute Made-For-Mobile Series, Created by WBP LABS, Presents An Insiders View Into the Cutting Edge of Storytelling and CreativityAfter the success of its first season, Babelgum announced that the second season of the weekly video series RADAR will premiere on Wednesday, October 28th via Babelgum’s mobile and online platforms ( <> ).   RADAR is produced by WBP...
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RADAR-Season 2 premieres today on


The Weekly Three-Minute Made-For-Mobile Series, Created by WBP LABS,
Presents An Insiders View Into the Cutting Edge of Storytelling and Creativity

After the success of its first season, Babelgum announced that the second season of the weekly video series RADAR will premiere on Wednesday, October 28th via Babelgum’s mobile and online platforms ( <> ).  

RADAR is produced by WBP LABS, the experimental lab division of the WorkBook Project (WBP).  The first episode will follow the performance art experiment, Undetermined Measurements, as they send ten volunteers dressed in stark white “clean suits” into Central Park on a sunny day when the park is full of unsuspecting people from all over the world. This is the first time Undetermined Measurements has been captured on video.

RADAR provides an insiders’ view into the cutting edge of storytelling and creativity as it highlights innovative projects and events across different creative disciplines and digs deep into process, method and participation. The series allows you to be with the artists as they create. From what it means to ideate on the fly with Aakash Nihalani as he turns city blocks into art using just rolls of tape to the real-time collaborative storytelling/virtual journey of “Google Maps Road Trip.” RADAR provides a cultural compass for audiences, in order to both inform and inspire.

RADAR is not traditional web content and is not reported pieces.  Each episode is approached as a creative piece in itself. The series consists of stylized mini-documentaries that get to the heart of the subject matter, shot with a commercial and music video mentality by award winning filmmakers from the WBP network.

RADAR is produced by Lance Weiler and Alex Johnson of the WorkBook Project. In addition to being an award-winning writer/director (“The Last Broadcast,” “Head Trauma”), Weiler is the founder of the WorkBook Project, the roving conference series DIY DAYS and a co-founder of From Here to Awesome. Johnson, co-founder of the WorkBook Project’s experimental labs division WBP LABS, an agency/think tank/project producer, is a communication strategist, experience planner and filmmaker. Johnson also brings her expertise to the creative direction and curation of RADAR. She curates the series with an eye for things that will work online and off.  One of RADAR’s goals is to echo the ethos of the WBP, which centres on encouraging creative works while at the same time building community. RADAR in addition to being online has an offline companion called the “RADAR Experience” where elements of the series are brought to life in an evening of performance, installations and demonstrations.

Featured directors this season include Leah Meyeroff (the upcoming Allison Anders executive-produced film “Unicorns”), Ry Russo Young (“You Won’t Miss Me,” “Orphans,” which won a Special Jury prize at the 2007 SXSW Film Festival), Ryan Bilsborrow-Koo and Zachary Lierberman (online series “The West Side,” which won the 2008 Webby Award for Best Drama Series), Danielle Lurie (award-winning short “In the Morning”) and Zak Forsman (“I F*cking Hate You”).

The second season will present viewers with 12 episodes, approximately 3 to 4 minutes each. A few episodes, “Honey I Shrunk Red Hook,” “Patently Silly,” “Google Maps Road Trip,” and “Undetermined Measurements”, will mark the first time these artists have been captured on video.

Season Highlights Include:

• Aakash Nihalani – a street artist, who uses tapes to emphasis the contours and geometry of the city, creating art from real life.  Aakash’ art can be seen all over New York City.  RADAR travelled with him as he created.

• Google Maps Road Trip – When Mark Horowitz decided to drive cross-country virtually and in real time using only Google maps, RADAR had to make a visit.

• Undetermined Measurements – An ongoing project, Undetermined Measurements uses performance art to express the ever-changing perception that the United States has transformed from a unique symbol of freedom to a more fragile and fearful representation of uncertainty. RADAR spends the day in New York with the participants and captures the reactions as New Yorkers interact with them.  

• Honey I Shrunk Red Hook – Artists Luis Blackaller and Andy Cavatorta create a mini-Red Hook where the diverse neighbourhood inhabitants can interact.  RADAR joins Luis and Andy as they prepare for their opening and watches how the element of play in a virtual world impacts communication in the real one.

• Makerbot / NYC Resistor – In the “Botcave” Bre Pattis turns 3D rendering on computer screens into physical objects.  Within these walls resides a start-up that intends to change the face of printing.  

• Art Battles – Art Battles offer artists a way to be seen, sell their work and win residences in galleries by on-going “battles” to see who is best, creating their work with a live audience.  RADAR trails Lexi Bella and Leif McIlwaine as they prepare for battle.

• Waterpod – Waterpod was a floating, self-sustaining eco-habitat that roamed NYC waterways for 6 months with 6 inhabitants as an experiment in potential future living spaces. RADAR spent the day on board and captured the only “day in the life” experience.

• Patently Silly – Patently Silly is a website, book and animation series that chronicles patents from the mundane to the insane.  RADAR talks with founder Daniel Wright and also learns how public domain content can be used to explore creative formats and ideas.

About the WorkBook Project
The WorkBook Project (WBP) is for those who want to be creative in the digital age. The WBP, through its website, R&D projects such as festival From Here to Awesome roving conference DIY DAYS, and the WBP discovery and distribution Award provides insight into the process of funding, creating, distributing and sustaining as a creator of media (film, games, music, design, software). Focused on innovation, new trends, cutting edge projects and an open approach to a once closed industry. The WBP offers a breath of fresh air by removing the competitive trappings of the media industry and replacing them with a collaborative and open system that shares resources, networking, information and knowledge.
What sets WBP apart is the fact that people who are actually creating; “People That Do,” power it. The core of the WBP is made up of an evolving collection of innovators who make their process transparent. By capturing experiences from the frontlines of this new emerging convergent media industry the WBP finds itself at the forefront of an exploding global DIY movement. A movement where film, gaming, music design, and software collide to form experiences that reach and engage global audiences across multiple screens, devices and platforms.

WBP LABS is an experiment lab – agency meets think-tank meets project producer – co-founded by Lance Weiler and Alex Johnson.  Lance has been recognized for his innovation – named “one of the 25 people changing the face of entertainment” by Wired Magazine and “one of the 18 people who changed Hollywood” by Business Week. Alex Johnson headed up interactive initiatives at filmmaker Sally Potter’s Adventure Pictures in the UK and has worked as an Experience Strategist at advertising agency Deep Focus in the U.S. <>

About Babelgum
Babelgum is an integrated web and mobile video content platform free for users and supported by advertising available on-demand to a global audience. Babelgum Mobile is an original application currently available in the United States, UK, Italy, Germany, France and Spain which brings regionally tailored programming to smart phones – at present iPhone 3G, iPod Touch, Google Android G-Phones 1 and 2, Nokia (N96, N95 and 6210) – via 3G and WiFi.

Positioned between user generated video hubs and network TV-oriented destinations, Babelgum focuses on the third part of the ecosystem: innovative, professionally produced content on very specific passions – music, comedy, film, urban culture, nature and the environment – curated by experts in their fields. Babelgum’s programming is comprised of exclusive original productions as well as independent and mainstream titles. Babelgum’s content partners include, among others, EMI, Sony Music, the New York Times, PBS, BBC, VBS, Lonely Planet, Coolhunting, National Geographic, Funny or Die, T5M, Shine Limited, Cinetic Rights Management, Content Republic, Gong Anime, the WorkBook Project, Cinelan, Power to the Pixel and Off the Fence as well as the Encounters, Los Angeles, and Hamptons film festivals.

The company has also set up a series of online contests to nurture independent film, music and art talent: the Babelgum Online Film Festival, the Babelgum Music Video Awards and the Babelgum Metropolis Art Prize chaired respectively by Spike Lee, Michel Gondry and Isabella Rossellini. Babelgum is an independent and privately held company with offices in the United States, UK, Ireland, France and Italy.



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