With her dad descending into an Alzheimer’s haze and a junkie for a brother-in-law, happily married Olive (Mary Elizabeth Ellis) decides that the answer to life’s problems is a baby — too bad her spouse (Cy Carter) doesn’t agree. But with the missus poking holes in her diaphragm and hubby spiking her coffee with birth control pills, love may not conquer all in this Slamdance Film Festival award winner.


In “A Quiet Little Marriage”, Dax and Olive battle over the decision to have a baby. Dax, who had an implied fucked up childhood, puts his foot down on the thought of bringing a baby into this cruel world and expects Olive to do the same. What ensues is a film of a couple who try to see who can out passive aggressive each other. Along for the ride are their complicated confidants, Dax’s troubled drug-addict brother (Jimmi Simpson) and Olive’s Alzheimer ridden dad.

From early on in the film we see where the couple are together and apart within their family. Their other friends who have been married are having kids while also individually Dax and Olive are dealing with someone on their own side of the family with issues. As time goes on these two are not living in harmony with one and another and you get to see that in the film until the time comes when Olive believes she is pregnant. Near the end there is a confrontation between these two, and one might feel to take one side or the other but know in the end no one will win. Each are miserable without each other and wasnt sure how they were going to end it but thought it was uplifting.

The DVD comes with a making-of featurette and a commentary. There’s also a trailer, but I don’t ever remember this flick making the theatrical circuit. While it might be jarring to see so many of the Sunny in Philadelphia crowd in the film, it’s an earnest dramedy that deserves your attention. The A/V Quality sports a strong transfer and a solid Dolby 5.1 track. I’d recommend a rental before making the purchase.


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