“That was a real super, Super Bowl”

Super Bowl XLIII, called by Al Michaels and John Madden in which the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Arizona Cardinals 27-23 in a game that went down to the wire, was described by Michaels as “a classic.”

Following are highlights from the broadcast:

MICHAELS: “Professional football has evolved into our national pastime and one reason is that every week we’ll go around the country and people will say, ‘did you see that game, did you see this, did you hear about that, did you watch this.’ This is the perfect way to end a season, with a classic Super Bowl.”

MADDEN: “Everyone says, ‘who’s going to win the Super Bowl.’ They all wait for this day. Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers on winning the Lombardi Trophy, being the champions, but also congratulations to the Arizona Cardinals. When you can play a game like this, I think you have to be proud of all the players and coaches and everything they laid out on that field today. That was a real super, Super Bowl.”

MADDEN AFTER THE GAME: “Both teams played so well but the gap between winning and losing is the widest gap in sports. They were so close and played so hard. To me this is the way football should be played. This is what the NFL is and this was a heavyweight championship fight.”
MICHAELS: “It was a classic.”

MADDEN ON FITZGERALD TD CATCH TO PUT CARDINALS UP IN 4th QUARTER: “There’s nobody that does it better Larry Fitzgerald. That had a little David Tyree on that play.”

MADDEN ON THE STEELERS DEFENSE IN 4th QUARTER: “We’re in the Super Bowl, we have a 6 point lead, there’s five minutes to go, now we have to prove we’re the best defense.”

MADDEN JUST BEFORE 23-YARD PASS OVER THE MIDDLE TO BREASTON WITH FOUR MINUTES LEFT IN 4th QUARTER: “I think they can still do that business over the middle.”
MICHAELS: “That business, you bet” (after the catch)
(shortly after that Warner completed a long TD pass to Larry Fitzgerald over the middle.)

MICHAELS ON FITZGERALD TD CATCH (Shot of Mr. Fitzgerald): “His father, like a true journalist, no cheering in the press box.”

MADDEN ON THE STEELERS PRESSURING KURT WARNER: “They didn’t have trouble in the first quarter nor did they in the third quarter at making him uncomfortable.”

MADDEN ON JAMES HARRISON PERSONAL FOUL IN 4TH QUARTER: “He should be thrown out for that. I like agressiveness and tough football but there is no place for that.”

BETTIS POST-GAME ON ROETHLISBERGER: “It was a defining moment in the career of Ben Roethlisberger.”

MICHAELS ON ROETHLISBERGER DECIDING WHAT PLAY TO CALL: “He has a 150 to 200 plays on that wristband so maybe they needed some help with the Dewey decimal system to find it.”
MADDEN: “Just imagine what the print looks like on that.”
MICHAELS: “You gotta have Ted Williams’ eyesight.”

MADDEN ON SANTONIO HOLMES: “Throw it out there to him quickly and let him be a punt returner.”

MICHAELS ON ROETHLISBERGER: “Every time you think the play is over it’s not.”
MADDEN: “That’s Ben Roethlisberger just being Superman.”

MADDEN ON THE CARDINALS OFFENSE IN 2nd QUARTER: “When you only have the ball for five plays obviously you’re not going to get into any kind of a rhythm and that’s what Kurt Warner is, he’s a rhythm quarterback.”

MADDEN ON JAMES HARRISON TOUCHDOWN: “You can look at it inside out and upside down. James Harrison got a touchdown.”

COSTAS ON JAMES HARRISON TOUCHDOWN AT THE END OF THE 1st HALF: “We’re still buzzin’ about Bruce Springsteen at halftime, but I’ll tell you if there was one guy we weren’t thinking was ‘Born To Run’ it was James Harrison.”

MICHAELS ON THE PRO BOWL: “We tried to put the pontoons on the madden cruiser but couldn’t fit them on there, so I guess Collinsworth is coming over there with me.”


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