“Lipstick Jungle,” “Saturday Night Live ” and “Nightly News With Brian Williams” have committed to go “Green.” The announcement was made today by Lauren Zalaznick, President, “Green is Universal,” NBC Universal’s company-wide environmental initiative.

This news follows the announcement last summer from Focus Features, NBC Universal’s specialized film division, that its untitled upcoming comedy directed by Sam Mendes was made as a “Green” production. That movie used alternative fuels, substantially reduced its carbon emissions and redirected 49% of waste from landfills into recycling and composting.

The company will work with consultant Greenhouse Gas Services to measure and buy carbon offsets for these three TV productions, as well as three Universal Pictures’ current/future films: Cirque du Freak, State of Play, and Funny People.

“When it comes to Green, we have a commitment to walk the walk and talk the talk all year round, not just one or two weeks a year,” said Zalaznick. “‘Green is Universal’ is just as much about greening our own operations, as it is to educate consumers through green programming. I am thrilled that a number of NBCU’s high profile shows and films have joined our initiative and our goal is to share best practices across the company. ”

“Green is Universal” is part of GE’s ecomagination business strategy to build innovative technologies and solutions that help customers address environmental and financial needs and help GE grow. Since ecomagination’s inception in 2005, GE has saved more than $100 million in energy costs; developed more than 70 ecomagination-certified products; and will earn $17 billion in revenues in 2008 alone.

Carbon-Reducing Strategies

Working with support of industry consultant Green Media Solutions, and using the carbon-reducing strategies piloted by the Mendes film, the NBCU shows will focus on five core areas: energy, transportation, set construction, kitchen and craft services, and waste.

Lipstick Jungle is the first among the NBCU television shows to implement more environmental practices, and will serve as a pilot project for the other shows. Phase One of this project included implementing a recycling program that has led to recycling 600lbs of paper, plastic and glass cans per week; catering meals with local, organic produce and baked goods; using bio-based utensils and plates when permanent plates and utensils are not an option; avoiding bottled water in the studio by installing 5 gallons water dispensers as well as providing the cast and crew with re-reusable water bottles, using hybrid rented vehicles for transportation when possible, using low volatile organic compounds (VOC) paints for set design when possible and donating extra paint to schools, as well as donating75% of wood from set to a non-profit organization. The show is also considering alternative fuel, a 20% biodiesel blend made from soy, for on-location trucks.

Environmental elements have also been woven into the Lipstick set. Character Victory Ford’s newly renovated clothing store and workspace is decorated with many “reclaimed and recycled” materials and environmental resources. Ford’s office is decorated with a reclaimed chandelier and couch, as well recycled paper sculptural light fixtures and bamboo display cases for the fashions and accessories.

“Saturday Night Live” has begun to implement environmentally- friendly practices as well, recycling extensively, replacing incandescent with LED lights on set, reducing use of water bottles and reusing or recycling over one thousand “cue cards” per week. The Nightly News production team has adopted similar measures, and is even working toward eliminating paper scripts – a tool heavily relied upon and overused by news productions. Nightly also uses a “Green Streaming Machine,” a satellite truck that integrates hybrid and tapeless technologies into a traditional remote video vehicle.

About Green is Universal:
Launched in May 2007, “Green is Universal” is NBC Universal’s ongoing green initiative dedicated to raising Green awareness, effecting positive change to the environment, and substantially greening its own operations. Throughout the year, NBC Universal uses it numerous media and entertainment platforms to educate the public on the environment, with over 150 hours of green-themed content airing across 42 NBCU brands.


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