Growing Up Wilderness (10/7)
Dive into the wild, and experience the heartwarming story of a pack of wolf pups, a fawn, a black bear and a baby moose when Growing Up Wilderness debuts on DVD October 7 from Genius Products and Animal Planet.  Growing Up Wilderness features four complete episodes from Animal Planet’s Growing Up series, a popular program that follows the lives of wild animals growing up in captivity.  Follow a pack of six lively grey timber wolf pups in Growing Up Wolf; travel to Alaska and witness the first days of ‘Jewelie,’ a baby deer that lost its mother in Growing Up Sitka Deer; meet ‘Charlie,’ a bear cub that struggles to find its innate desire to hibernate in Growing Up Black Bear; and learn about Mush, the baby moose raised at St-Félicien Zoo in Quebec in Growing Up Moose.  Available for the first time on DVD, these episodes follow the vulnerable lives of wild baby animals as they learn how to survive and put their past behind them as they venture into adulthood.  The Growing Up Wilderness DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $14.95.    

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