Former Miss USA and the Co-Executive Director of the Miss California organization, Shanna Moakler spoke to “Access Hollywood’s” Billy Bush about the organization paying for breast implants for the current Miss California Carrie Prejean. The interview will air on “Access Hollywood” on Thursday, April 30th.

Bush asked if the Miss California organization paid for Prejean’s breast augmentation and Moakler answered, “Yes, we did.”

“It was something that we all spoke about together,” Moakler said, referring to herself, Prejean and Keith Lewis, Moakler’s Co-Executive Director. “It was an option and she wanted it. We supported that decision.”

When Bush asked if there was any negotiation regarding the size of the breast enhancement Prejean was going to receive, Moakler said, “I believe it was talked about and she met with the doctor. That was all personal between her and her physician. We weren’t there for any of that.”

Moakler also mentioned that the Miss California organization has not been able to sit down with Prejean since her response in the Miss USA pageant sparked controversy. “We have tried really hard and she keeps referring us to her mother and her PR person, ” explained Moakler. ” I don’t hate Carrie Prejean. I supported her and I still stand behind her.”

“She (Prejean) wants to go and tell her story around the country and I think that’s fantastic. I think that’s great if that’s what she wants to do and if she wants to do that, then she should release herself as Miss California USA,” said Moakler. “Give it to another girl who wants those responsibilities and that title and she can go tell her story. We will celebrate that and we’ll support her on that.”

Moakler continued, “Right now, she’s not focusing on her responsibilities and she’s kind of focusing on her agenda and it’s not healthy for everybody.”

When the topic of possibly firing Prejean came up, Moakler said, “I don’t want to fire her! I think she is a great young girl and I got into pageants because I want to help young girls. I want to guide young girls.”

Bush asked if communication issues persist and Prejean could not get back on track if they would reconsider the possibility of firing Prejean. “I guess we are all going to have to wait and she how that plays out because I don’t have the answers for that,” responded Moakler.

“Access Hollywood” is produced by NBC and distributed by NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution. Rob K. Silverstein is the executive producer.


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