Country singer Mindy McCready spoke exclusively to “Access Hollywood’s” Shaun Robinson about being roommates with MacKenzie Phillips and finding out about Phillips’ alleged sexual relationship with her father, John Phillips. The multi-part interview begins airing on “Access Hollywood” tonight, Tuesday, September 29th.

McCready, who was roommates with MacKenzie Phillips for the new season of VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew,” said she found out about the alleged decade-long sexual relationship Phillips had with her father when Phillips let McCready read an early copy of her new book, “High on Arrival,” while they were in rehab.

When Robinson asked if McCready believed everything that Phillips said in the book, McCready said that she absolutely believed her. Regarding the people who do not believe Phillips’ allegations, McCready replied, “Nobody has the right to say what they do or don’t believe unless they know her. Even the people that are saying it that do know her, their reasons are their own.”

McCready said she has spoken to Phillips since her book came out. “I just encouraged her because I knew what was going to come out. I knew that her family was going to be upset and the underlying thing going on during ‘Celebrity Rehab’ and that taping were some of those things. The family was finding out that she was going to discuss these things and of course no one wanted her to discuss them.”

Robinson asked if Phillips told McCready about any of her family members trying to keep her from coming out with her story. “Well, she kind of explained to me the reasons for why everybody had the agenda that they had,” McCready said. “You know, there’s a movie coming out on one side of the spectrum, it’s gonna talk about her father in a certain light, and she herself is dealing with recovery, she herself is dealing with a 30-year long drug addiction problem. Dealing with a 30-year long drug addiction problem doesn’t just encompass the drug, because there’s a reason why she went to that in the first place.”

McCready, who was on “Celebrity Rehab” for co-dependency and love addiction, elaborated, “I support her 100% and she needed to talk about that for herself and for her recovery and I understand that just as well as she understands it, we were all in it together, doing what we were doing to get better and to be better people. In order for you to be better, you have to deal with all of the things that happen and you have to get real with yourself and with your friends and family members. No matter how hard it is, and no matter how difficult the subject matter, the truth has to come out.”

“Access Hollywood” is distributed by NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution. Rob K. Silverstein is the executive producer.


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