Nearly a decade after the terrifying events of Pulse 2 the dead still walk the earth — having entered our realm through electronic devices. Justine, raised with her fellow human refugees in the remote no-tech survivor camp, is now a 17-year old girl who dreams of the world they’ve left behind. When an abandoned laptop links her to a mysterious outside caller, Justine risks everything to see if life has resumed back in the forbidden city. More frightening than ever, Pulse 3 is an intense and shocking conclusion to the Pulse trilogy.



Three movies. Pulse gets a trilogy and they still haven’t said a damn thing in three movies. Zombies taking over the world via your GPS and DVD player. What the hell is this? I wouldn’t know from the acting that plays like a second-rate Cannon film. So, what should I make of it? Nothing. I’ll leave it on the bottom rung for the stoners that hit up Blockbuster on the weekend.

The DVD does a great job of showing off the film. The A/V Quality is nearly 1080 level with insane clarity for a second-rate horror film. You get a look behind the scenes which really doesn’t do much. But, there’s the commentary from most of the creative team that tries to piece together a timeline of the Pulse series. But, it doesn’t matter. Pulse 3 is a forgettable film that wastes your time. I’d recommend avoiding it.


RELEASE DATE: 12/23/08



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