Presenting the original motion picture score to the blockbuster 20th Century Fox sci-fi/action feature film Predators, starring Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne, Danny Trejo and Topher Grace, directed by Nimrod Antal and produced by Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Desperado, Planet Terror, Machete). Film opens in North American theaters nationwide, July 9, 2010. Acclaimed composer John Debney (Iron Man 2, Passion Of The Christ, Sin City, The Relic), ratchets up all the action and suspense of this latest hit installment of the legendary Predator franchise with a propulsive orchestral score that skillfully incorporates Alan Silvestri’s iconic theme from the original film. CD Booklet features exclusive art.


    1. Free Fall 3:06
    2. Single Shooter 2:08
    3. This Is Hell 4:10
    4. Cages/Trip-wire 3:51
    5. Not Of This Earth 2:50
    6. Hound Attack 4:08
    7. We Run We Die 4:39
    8. Predator Attack 1:46
    9. Meet Mr. Black 1:15
    10. They See Our Traps 2:26
    11. Over Here 2:24
    12. Smoke 2:38
    13. Nikolai Blows 2:10
    14. Stan’s Last Stand 1:49
    15. Hanzo’s Last Stand 3:08
    16. Leg Trap 2:22
    17. Take Me To The Ship 2:04
    18. Edwin and Isabelle Captured 1:33
    19. Predator Fight, Royce Runs 3:15
    20. Twisted Edwin/Royce Returns 3:25
    21. She’s Paralyzed 6:05
    22. Royce vs. Predator 2:39
    23. Let’s Get Off This Planet 3:01
    24. Theme From Predator 1:45


      From the first cue ‘Free Fall’ to the the last cue ‘Theme From Predator’, it sounds exactly was you would expect from a predator movie. It’s quite complex, the action sequences are tightly meshed together and they work excellent within the film. I was never a big fan of the Predator scores so I wanted something different to the mix. I like the way Debney has modernized the sound a bit and the new ‘Theme From Predator’ sounds really great.

      Debney did add some electronic beats and even some rock guitar, but these tools are things that Alan Silvestri uses in his recent work. Debney’s love for Alan Silvestri’s original work shows with the way he’s written this new one. “Predators” is a score that is bombastic and mean. The score uses pretty much all the actions cues and themes that made the first movie so memorable. Debney doesn’t hold back and goes for the loudest score he can produce and I praise him on that. Most scores today are more laid back and not at the forefront like this score.

      The music ranges from pounding action to quiet reminiscence and everything in between without feeling extremely non-cohesive. There are some fine moments on the album, which could make is purchase worthwhile. I am quite pleased that the original theme is embraced and implemented in this way and equally as pleased that it doesn’t override this effort as its own original contribution.  Indeed, Debney’s work genuinely takes you inside the movie just by the listening experience. However, the CD won’t be an instant purchase for everyone. For the casual listener, it’s a little too big on the popcorn fare to be taken seriously. However, casual fans will just like the audio trip back to Royce’s time in the jungle planet.

      RELEASE DATE: 08/10/2010


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