Politics makes strange bedfellows, but never stranger than when a sexy, savvy, African-American conservative Republican reluctantly falls for his Democratic counterpart: a beautiful Indian-American Obama campaign volunteer. Sparks fly, tempers flare, heads turn, and romance blossoms for this mismatched pair of lovers in the frantic and intoxicating days leading up to Election Day. Can the politics of love conquer all?  


A young woman loses her job in New York, thus she’s pushed to return home to Florida. While hanging out in her father’s restaurant, she becomes swept up in the whirlwind surround Obama’s 2008 campaign. Taking a job at the Political HQ next door, she discovers a new purpose as a fulfilled Democrat. That is until she meets a young man while jogging.

The new mystery jogger slowly warms up to her, before it’s revealed that he is her counterpart in the McCain campaign. The two remain fairly amicable, but everyone else tries to play the system to split them up. The old Indian guy from “The 40 Year Old Virgin” shows up as the old Indian guy who doles out advice to our leading lady. Outside of that, it’s an ensemble of character actors and people I don’t recognize. Nobody really does much to lift the material, but it never turns god awful.

The DVD comes with no special features. The A/V Quality is a bland mix with a Dolby Surround track that doesn’t really punch up the movie. Plus, you have a flat transfer that doesn’t really do much to interest the casual viewer. On top of that, there’s nothing to do after the film’s over. It’s only a rental for the curious.

RELEASE DATE: 09/13/2011


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