Pictoword is a fun free game available for iOS and Android. The app was recommended to me via outside sources and I decided to integrate it when I wasn’t playing Marvel Puzzle Quest or my usual mix of Tower Defense games. The idea of the game is that you have to guess a word made by two snapshots. There are different modes and one designed for kids, but honestly it all plays the same. Think of it like this. You’re playing word games with images that feel like they belong to a Captcha. For those that like to play with friends, there’s a pass and play multiplayer feature in there. The socially conscious will also get to enjoy Facebook integration. In the end, I’d recommend it.

About Pictoword
Take a look at two seemingly random pictures and try to sound out the word they “create” when combined.
Can you stretch your brain far enough to solve the puzzles without asking a friend for help?
Thousands are already enjoying Pictoword a fun, simple game that forces you to think outside of the box and make new mental connections.

About The Developer

KOOAPPS is a mobile gaming company with millions of downloads. Founded in 2008, Kooapps has released more than 30 games with several top selling titles.
We are here to do the best work of our lives and make games that we want to show our friends. Join us on this journey!

Available on Android:
Available on iOS:

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