Pick Up Tips From BachelorMan

Picking up hot women or navigating tricky relationship waters can be difficult and daunting but a few tried and true tips from the sexual superhero, BachelorMan, will turn even the most inexperienced Romeo into a bonafide player.

Tip #12 – If you have a date coming over, try to keep your place a little messy, not like you are a slob – just a little disorganized. New age CDs and travel magazines are ok – dirty underwear is not.

Tip #22 – You never really know if you are going all the way until she does the whole lift-up-the-hips-deal. When she does that allowing you to slip her pants off, you’re in there. Don’t get cocky until this point.

Tip #43 – When all else fails, the old honesty gag works every time.

Tip #64 – In a relationship, expect a two or three week period where your girlfriend will be completely fascinated with your penis.

Tip #85 – When breaking up with your girlfriend, always be upfront. Be direct,yet gentle. Take her somewhere she likes to go so the evening won’t seem so horrible. Also, she will be less likely to do something crazy or violent.

Tip #1273 (sub-paragraph a) – If one woman breaks your heart, get a different one.

Most importantly…
Tip #1 – Never take tips on love and romance. Especially from BachelorMan!


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