“Peyton Place” proves something to me. What was once salacious in the 1950s doesn’t hold water in the present day. Seeing as how the ABC series came a decade after the original novel, it showed signs of self-derailing. Mia Farrow and Ryan O’ Neal were the early teen leads, but they’re not doing anything that wasn’t present in the original film. So, why does this show fall apart when gazed through a 21st century lens?

The prior split-season release for Season was released several years ago. While the delay in release saw many fans probably shuffle off this mortal coil, it allowed me time to revisit the show’s head space. Season 3 was the first year in color. It was the first season after Mia Farrow bailing out on the show she didn’t think would last past a year. Gena Rowlands started a strong supporting run and it’s still nothing more than a prime-time soap opera.

Many long-term fans pin Season 3 as being the beginning of the end. Honestly, they should be lucky it lasted this long. While the first two years had a strong arc, this just felt like prepping the stage for new cast members to relive old stories. Oh wait, this is just the third section of episodes from this show that lasted for half past forever?

I kept wondering why the episodes presented never shifted over to color. I remembered the later episodes being in color and Mia Farrow desperately trying to get off this show. There are 120 episodes more until Farrow bails and things jump the shark? REALLY? REALLY?!?


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The Plot Thus Far

Look past the innocent façade of small-town life and discover the truth about Peyton Place.

A ratings sensation for ABC, Peyton Place – already a successful 1956 novel and 1957 film – made its way to network television in 1964. A prime-time soap opera whose influence can be seen in later beloved programs such as Dallas, Knots Landing, and Twin Peaks, Peyton Place examined the complex web of scandals, schemes, and sex in a New England town.

Featuring Dorothy Malone, Mia Farrow, and Ryan O’Neal, the long-awaited third volume of Peyton Place is finally available on DVD. Fans of the series will find this collection of episodes as deliciously addictive now as they were in their original airing.


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