“Pastor Paul” features Director Jules David Bartkowski as an American lost in Nigeria. He’s a mathematician who has come to study the hidden math behind the local drum circles. After a couple of episodes that cause him to pass out, our lead starts to wonder what is going to happen next. Shot and edited on the fly, the movie plays like a fun throwback to classic Underground cinema. While it’s too strange for the mainstream, this is the kind of film that you spring on the right Film Nerd.

There has been talk about how this might be the first American attempt to mimic the Nollywood style. I get that, but Pastor Paul succeeds by trying to go past known style. While the film barely lasts more than an hour, it forces audiences to follow it deeper into the African rabbit hole. Lanky figures dot around odd landscapes not even trying to make sense of what’s going down. If you can’t keep up, I think that’s the point.

This is more of a feature film that you wear like a badge of honor. I survived Pastor Paul is what you’ll tell people. They’ll ask what that was and then you get to spring it on them. Good stuff and well worth checking out.


  • Nothing


  • 1.78:1 standard definition transfer
  • Dolby 2.0


  • 89%
    Video - 89%
  • 87%
    Audio - 87%
  • 93%
    Film Score - 93%

The Plot Thus Far

PASTOR PAUL is a feature film about a white tourist in West Africa who is possessed by a ghost after acting in a Nollywood movie.

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