Paramount Digital Entertainment Teams Up With Mountain Dew for ‘Circle of 8,’ A Multi-Platform Production

Paramount Digital Entertainment today announced Mountain Dew as a collaborator on “Circle of 8,” an original interactive thriller produced by Milchan/Van Eyssen.

“Circle of 8” is a studio-quality episodic thriller that invites audiences to participate in the fate of its characters. Along the supernatural journey, numerous plots and engaging interactive elements will provide unprecedented opportunities for unique consumer experiences. Paramount Digital Entertainment (PDE) is distributing the project.

Paramount Digital Entertainment and Milchan/Van Eyssen are utilizing creative content and state-of-the-art technology in a way that is taking interactive entertainment to a new level,” said Frank Cooper, CMO of sparkling beverages, Pepsi-Cola North America Beverages. “Mountain Dew will play a critical role in evolving the storytelling experience through ‘Circle of 8,’ going far beyond traditional sponsorship and brand integration models.”

“PDE is dedicated to developing fresh and innovative ways for brands to become part of the studio’s digital productions,” added Thomas Lesinski, President of Paramount Digital Entertainment. “Mountain Dew’s involvement in our first release of an original property is a testament to the growth of high-quality digital content.”

Distributed by PDE and produced by Milchan/Van Eyssen, “Circle of 8” is initially set to deliver the highest level of cinematic quality to the Web and portable devices. The series will debut exclusively on MySpace in October and, upon its conclusion, will be redistributed as a full-length feature showcasing the choices made by the audience online.

“‘Circle of 8’ combines narrative movie-making, Paramount’s core business for the last hundred years, with ‘user experience,’ which we strongly believe will be an essential component for entertainment over the next hundred years,” said David Van Eyssen of MVE.

“Mountain Dew is the perfect brand for ‘Circle of 8,'” continued Alexandra Milchan of MVE. “This unique, high-quality production presents a number of creative opportunities for major brands to work with the producers to integrate their brands and reach an engaged global audience.”

Endemol will oversee all “Circle of 8” international brand alliances and international distribution.


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