After 10 intense weeks of shaking and rattling their rolls right off, Ruben, a 43-year-old wardrobe designer from Las Vegas, was announced as the winner of Oxygen’s hit series, “Dance Your Ass Off” during the finale last night. In Oxygen’s first-ever dance/weight-loss competition series, Ruben danced his way off the stage $100,000 richer when he out-danced and out-slimmed the two other finalists, Shayla and Pinky, in the super-sized 75-minute season finale. Ruben shimmied his way to the grand prize with weekly stellar dance moves and his overall winning weight loss of 74 lbs. Fans can see Ruben again when he and the rest of the cast return during the “Dance Your Ass Off” Reunion special premiering Monday, September 7 at 10pm ET/PT. In addition, Ruben can be seen in the upcoming “Dance Your Ass Off” Workout DVD to be released on September 15.

Ruben beat out finalists Shayla and Pinky, who competed with him in the season finale when they each performed two dances, one of their choice and one of the judges’ choice. Shayla was the first to be eliminated, losing 35 lbs in total, followed by Pinky, who lost 30 lbs and fought through her final routines with an excruciating injury that could have taken her out of the running.

This season, viewers saw Ruben struggle with being away from his partner, who is being treated for cancer. However, he was unexpectedly reunited with him when the final four contestants were visited by a special someone from home. After learning that the medical bills were piling up, Ruben went into overdrive for the remaining weeks to ensure his $100,000 grand prize.

“As the oldest contestant, I felt ‘Dance Your Ass Off’ would be a once in a lifetime chance for me,” says Ruben. “Being on the show enabled me to step out of my life for a few weeks and completely focus on me. I love to dance and if I could lose some weight by doing it, hooray!”

The contestants lost a combined total of nearly 350 lbs throughout the “Dance Your Ass Off” season. To the surprise of the finalists, all the eliminated contestants came back for the finale, revealing their continued weight loss, even performing with the finalists. Former contestant Alicia was recognized for her continued hard work when host Marissa Jaret Winokur revealed Alicia won $5,000 for losing the greatest percentage of weight among the eliminated contestants.

Although the season is over, fans who can’t get enough of “Dance Your Ass Off” can now hit the dance floor in their own living rooms. Oxygen and Crunch gyms present the “Dance Your Ass Off” Workout DVD designed to get fans at home moving and losing like the contestants on the show through a high-energy, easy to follow dance workout. Whether they party off the pounds disco-style, add some sizzle to their shape with sexy Latin moves, or burn calories with a hip hop combination, there’s something for everyone. No partner needed. The DVD is now available at for pre-order and is available on and retailers everywhere starting September 15. “Dance Your Ass Off” winner, Ruben, joins show choreographer Lisa Ligon, professional dancers Jesus Solario and Ruben’s partner Hilary Fleming in the Workout DVD.

“Dance Your Ass Off” brings dance and diet together, featuring talented, full-figured contestants who struggle with their weight and dance to unleash their inner thin. Throughout the season, each contestant is paired with a professional dance partner who trained them for their weekly stage performances – ranging from Hip Hop, to Ballroom and even Pole Dancing! Then they’ll shake and rattle their rolls in front of a live studio audience and a panel of expert judges. The judges score the routines, and then the contestants weigh in to reveal their weekly weight loss. The dance score and the weight loss are combined for an overall score, which determines who is sent home each week.

“Dance Your Ass Off” is produced by 495 Productions with SallyAnn Salsano serving as executive producer and Joel Zimmer as co-executive producer, with concept by Lisa Ann Walter, with Walter and Kate Rigg serving as executive producers.

495 Productions is a dynamic reality television production company that was launched in by veteran producer Sally Ann Salsano. In the company’s three years since launch, 495 Productions has emerged as one of the leading production companies that creates, develops and produces innovative and cutting-edge programming for all major cable and network broadcasters, including the company’s overall deal with MTV. Named after Salsano’s hometown expressway in Long Island, 495 Productions is the foremost production company for identifying the most interesting everyday people, putting them in unique situations and creating water-cooler programming unlike any other on television.

Oxygen Media is a multiplatform lifestyle brand that delivers relevant and entertaining content to young women, wherever they are. Oxygen is rewriting the rulebook for women’s media, with a vast array of unconventional and original content including “Bad Girls Club,” “Dance Your Ass Off” and “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.” Popular features online include makeOvermatic, tweetOverse and hormoneOscope. Available in 74 million homes, online at, or on mobile devices at, Oxygen Media is a service of NBC Universal.


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