It’s the craziest mix-up ever! Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell dazzle the screen in this buoyant and screwball comedy of memory-making and memory-faking. One of Hollywood’s most dynamic screen pairs, Hawn and Russell make the most of every hilarious situation in this delightful riches-to-rags romance that’s perfect entertainment for anyone who appreciates a great practical joke. Hawn is Joanna Stayton, the pampered wife of a pretentious, yacht-owning socialite. When their boat gets stuck for repairs, Joanna employs carpenter Dean Proffitt (Russell) to improve her closet space. But when Dean asks to be paid, he’s blatantly turned down by the “nothing is ever good enough for me” Joanna. So when Joanna falls overboard and gets a bad case of amnesia, Dean takes advantage of the situation and, in a stroke of retributive genius, tells her that she’s his wife and the mother of hisfour unruly children!



After a typically stormy dinner that night, while on the high seas, Goldie drops some jewelry behind a seat she is sitting on on the deck. In reaching for it she loses her balance and falls overboard. But the following morning Herrmann returns to port, and discovers that Goldie is safe (and still nasty) in a hospital wing – she has lost her memory. Herrmann fails to identify Goldie so that he can have a respite on the yacht from her presence. But a still angry Russell also learns of her from the local television news station. He goes to the hospital, and identifies Goldie as his wife “Annie”. His sons go along with his hoax – they have missed a woman’s touch in their home for nearly five years since Mom died. Russell’s intention is to get his revenge from Goldie being the household maid. But gradually parts of Goldie’s hidden talents come out.
While overwhelmed at first by having to do domestic work (including cooking) while struggling to remember this family, Goldie slowly works things out. Moreover she actually is able to put some halts to the wild, “batchelor’s hall” lifestyle that Russell has set up for him and his sons. In addition to the constant laughs, mainly at Joanna / Annie’s expense, both characters learn a few lessons. Of course Joanna learns beware the dangers of self absorption and affluent disregard, unrepentantly cheating a skilled worker in your employ. For Dean, it’s lessons of the ‘oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive’ school…some “chemistry” he wasn’t expecting and some emotions from his four young hooligans he hadn’t predicted.

The Blu-Ray comes with no special features. But, it continues this new streak of MGM maxing out the bitrates for their transfers. I love seeing such crystal clear clarity on these older flicks. Sure, trailers and other junk would be nice supplemental material, but I’ll take what I can get. I’d recommend a rental.



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