ONE-EYED MONSTER named “Trashiest Trailer” at 10th Annual Golden Trailer Awards

All eyes were on One-Eyed Monster as the movie claimed the “Trashiest Trailer” award at the 10th Annual Golden Trailer Awards.

This crowd favorite, as well as “Trashiest Trailer” award winner, was created by The Refinery.  With the blend of key dialog such as “Correct me if I am wrong, but he’s missing his dick” and the high intensity action that only a “killer dick” movie can deliver, this trailer was the perfect introduction to this horror-comedy.

One-Eyed Monster is a comic homage to “Alien” and “The Thing,” where the cast and crew of an adult film are stranded in a blizzard and must band together against a mysterious and deadly alien, which has possessed the actor with the biggest part Ron Jeremy (naturally).  Now, with the monster on a killing spree, the race is on to trap and destroy it before it seeds the planet as only it can. 

To watch the winning trailer, log on to One-Eyed Monster is now available on DVD at Amazon, Netflix and local DVD retailers. 


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