“Oncle Bernard” is a look at the longer form interview that was edited into Encirclement. While that doc allowed for many talking heads to discuss the fascinating trend of propaganda trying to override facts, Oncle Bernard takes his time to address issues. Bernard knows what’s coming and he knows that neoliberalism can’t stand for that long. For when you confuse facts and the need for societal structure, you invite chaos. Chaos can’t co-exist with society and the results will create a period of confusion that the human machine will naturally eat alive.

Seriously, between these two documentaries…it feels like Prophets screaming forth into the year 2017. But, I won’t pretend like the issues with neoliberalism are new. As previously mentioned, the concepts of attacking utility norms as being against the individual started in Stalin era Russia. Before that, it was measured equally during Oliver Cromwell’s brief reign over England. Intellectualism is under attack by all sides.

The right will sacrifice it for religion and the left will sacrifice it for inclusion. The truth is somewhere in the middle and it must be defended for society to move forward.


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The Plot Thus Far

An interview with economist Bernard Maris, a.k.a. ‘Oncle Bernard’, who was killed during the Charlie Hebdo shooting, on January 7, 2015.

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