“On Guard” is one wacky movie about a bastard birth. Basically, two royal friends battle it out over who will gain the Duke’s favor. This involves murdering distant relatives, hunting down a rogue wedding and stalking a bastard across decades. There’s a lot of fancy murder, but it’s done in that colorful French style. For a movie from the late 1990s, there’s a really odd flair about the production.

“Five Day Lover” is a very early Jean Seberg starring role. It’s great seeing her bounce off French contemporaries to make an adult comedy. Is it meant to be funny? I never quite got a handle on it, but I did enjoy the cringe. Watching a group of cheaters have to move around each other is always intriguing. However, the film never hangs the complexity of the film’s conceit. Still…Seberg.


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The Plot Thus Far

The Comte de Gonzague schemes against his cousin, the Duc de Nevers, even though he is the Duke’s heir and will inherit his estates. The Count has kept secret the existence of the Duke’s bastard, recently born. When the Duke learns of his child, he journeys to wed the mother, a baron’s daughter, in her father’s isolated chateau. The occupants of the castle are surprised and murdered by the Count and his men. The only ones to escape are the Duke’s friend, the skilled swordsman Lagardère, and the infant, a girl, now the rightful heiress to the Duke’s vast fortune. The Count believes the pair to have drowned, when in fact they have been concealed by a travelling troupe of Italian players. Twenty years pass. The Count has discovered that the two survive and seeks to have them slain. But Lagardère gains the confidence of the Count, and employment as his bookkeeper, through his clever disguise as a hunch-back…

During Madeleine’s fashion show Claire meets Antoine and becomes his mistress. Due to the fact that she’s married (to a wealthy man) she only spends a few days a week with him. Antoine is also rich, and often taken to meetings by his chauffeur, Marius. However things are more complicated: Antoine is Madeleine lover (Claire’s best friend) while George, Claire’s husband is quite rich and has a modest job. Everything works perfectly until Madeleine discovers the truth. She prepares her vengéance and organizes a celebration which she invites Antoine, Claire and George.


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