The true story of how Commander Arne Treholt and his Ninja Force saved Norway during the Cold War.



In this “true” story about the events that lead to Arne Treholts arrest for treason back in 1984, we are served a spectacular epic, with some nice stop-motion effects(in our days of CGI) and lots of absurd humor. It’s not often we are served something really original, when it comes to movies. Almost every movie is either a remake or a reboot, but this! A secret ninja organization located right outside of Oslo, with the late king Olav as their leader.

There’s something brilliantly silly at the heart of Norwegian Ninja yet you always feel Thomas Cappelen Malling has a real story to tell so, amongst all the offbeat and almost Python-esque humour lies a very serious story. It is here where I feel the film would resonate more with Norwegians and other Scandinavians than younger British viewers who, like me, were completely unaware of the real life Arne Treholt, his life as a domestic politician and his arrest and imprisonment for espionage and high treason.

The DVD comes with deleted scenes, extra scenes, commentary and featurettes. For a movie that I didn’t know existed roughly a month ago, here I am soaking in this weird world of Norwegian alternate history. The A/V Quality was so-so, but the transfer was about as dark and vague as the usual transfer out of that region. Still, the Dolby track was supportive and made the few action sequences really kick it up a notch. I’d recommend a purchase.



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