“Nemo Rising” is Jules Verne by way of good ol’ torture porn. But, it also plays like a Post Civil War era TOHO Kaiju movie. If you want to read about sailors being eaten alive and torn apart, you’ll enjoy the first half. If you want to see Nemo become a superhuman badass, then the second half of the book is for you. At one point, I found myself having a hard time following the chronology. Then, I realized that Verne’s own timeline for the actions of Nemo in “20,000 Leagues” and “Mysterious Island” don’t make a ton of sense.

If you’re looking for a tight action book that plays true to the era, yet gives you killer monsters…you’ll enjoy this one. If you want the deep adventure of a Verne novel, then check out the originals. As someone who often has to read a ton of books on the fly, I felt that the pace of this text held up to my demands. It’s a quick read at nearly 400 pages, which sounds insane. But, I chalk that up to the story’s origins originally being developed for TV and other venues.

I recommend it.


  • C. Courtney Joyner
  • 368 pages
  • Tor Books

RELEASE DATE: 12/26/17


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