NBC.COM ANNOUNCES NEW ‘HEROES’ SOCIAL MEDIA GAME debuted “Heroes: Survival,” a new online game packed with enough excitement and peril to keep Heroes fans charged during the summer.

“Heroes: Survival” lets fans use their imagination to create a character, design an avatar, invent a back-story and assign creative powers. The character, which must be cared for in order to survive, can be publicly viewed and shared with other fans. Players will also get a sneak peak of new characters before they debut on-air.

The summer version of the game sets the groundwork for an evolution of upcoming features in the fall. The characters that survive the summer phase will be able to join factions with other characters, face obstacles and events that challenge their powers, and compete against others for prizes and leader board bragging rights.

Heroes Season 4 returns with a two-hour premiere on September 21 at 8/7c, but fans can catch-up now with full episodes of Heroes at

Heroes Survival Game:

Heroes Full Episodes:


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